Vsol EPON OLT Configuration CLI Mode step by step Guide

Step 1: OLT Access

When a network device needs to be configured, the first step is to log in to that device. Today we will fully configure Vsol OLT. We need to log in to OLT first. We can access OLT mainly in 2 ways. One is the AUX port and the other is the console port. Today we will configure OLT by accessing OLT through AUX Port.

Accessing OLT by AUX Port:

If you want to access your Vsol epon olt using by AUX port then first you need to an ethernet cable(RJ45). then your need to connect the ethernet cable to pc to the olt AUX port. Do you know that vsol epon olt has a fixed static IP address for the AUX port? The AUX port IP address is and the subnet is If you want to access your olt by using the AUX port then you need to change your pc lan IP address using the same subnet mask. so now we change our pc IP to and the subnet mask is

Hey, Buddy now we can access our Vsol OLT via telnet ( or web management This address is the default VLAN interface address of the OLT.

Vsole EPON OLT default info:

The IP address: is
Username: admin
Password: Xpon@Olt9417#
Enable Password: Xpon@Olt9417#

Step 2: Uplink with Vlan Configuration

Here we have 4 Port vsol epon olt and we need to configure with different VLAN to each pon port. That means 4 pon ports and 4 different VLAN interfaces. So now we are creating the VLAN in our OLT.

Our uplink port is G1 and let's start creating VLANs.


Password: Xpon@Olt9417#

epon-OLT> ena

Password: Xpon@Olt9417#

epon-OLT#configure terminal


epon-OLT(config)# vlan 400 - 404

epon-OLT(config)# exit

Our VLANs (400 - 404) was successfully created and now we can use these VLANs for service. So we will be using VLAN 400 for olt MGT (remote management) and VLAN 401 to 404 for pon port.

Now we are configuring our uplink as G1

epon-OLT(config)# interface gigabitethernet 0/1

epon-OLT(config-if-ge0/1)# switchport mode trunk

epon-OLT(config-if-ge0/1)# switchport trunk vlan 400 - 404

epon-OLT(config-if-ge0/1)# exit

Our uplink port G1 is successfully trunk or tag configured with VLANs. Now we can check the mac address in the VLAN interface. You need to follow the command below to view the mac address.

epon-OLT(config)# show mac address-table interface gigabitethernet 0/1

Step 3: IP address assigned

We can access OLT from our LAN side. It needs to assign an IP address. through which the OLT will be accessed. So let's assign an IP to VLAN 400 for olt MGT (remote management) access using the below command.

epon-OLT(config)# interface VLAN 400

epon-OLT(interface-vlan-200)# ip address

epon-OLT(interface-vlan-200)# exit

epon-OLT(config)# ip route

Step 4: Pon Port Configure

Now we need to configure the PON port. We have created 4 VLANs for 4 PON ports.
so let's start,

PON- 1

epon-OLT(config)# interface epon 0/1

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/1)# switchport mode access

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/1)# switchport access VLAN 401

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/1)# exit

PON- 2

epon-OLT(config)# interface epon 0/2

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/2)# switchport mode access

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/2)# switchport access VLAN 402

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/2)# exit

PON- 3

epon-OLT(config)# interface epon 0/3

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/3)# switchport mode access

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/3)# switchport access VLAN 403

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/3)# exit

PON- 4

epon-OLT(config)# interface epon 0/4

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/4)# switchport mode access

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/4)# switchport access VLAN 404

epon-OLT(config-pon-0/4)# exit


So friends, finally we successfully configured vsol epon OLT configuration step by step. Hope you can configure your OLT very soon. Then if anyone has a problem understanding then comment in the comment box. I will try to support you. Thanks.


  1. how to check user disconnectivity on PON port when PON port of OLT creating loops.

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