DBC Epon OLT A-Z Configuration step by step Guide

Hello, guys are you using DBC Epon OLT? Do you not know how to configure DBC Epon OLT? If you don't know how to configure DBC Epon OLT then this article is just for you. Today we will learn something very important. That is how to configure DBC Epon olt. Below is a very nice step-by-step configuration. So Let's start.

OLT Access:

Configuring any manageable network device requires accessing the device first. We can access DBC Epon olt 2 ways. One medium is through console cable, and the other medium is through Ethernet cable.

OLT Access via Console Cable:

Every networking device must have a console port.DBC Epon 4,8,16 port OLT has console port together. First console connectivity from PC to OLT should be done. A converter will be required for connectivity. The name of that is Serial to USB converter.CLI mode is the most comfortable system to configure OLT. if you want o configure your olt with CLI mode then you need to use software like Putty, and one thing is to make sure to select speed 9600.

OLT Access via Ethernet Cable:

If you want you can access OLT through an Ethernet cable. One side of the Ethernet cable should be connected to the PC, and the other side can be connected to any Ge port of the OLT, like Ge1, or Ge2. After establishing Ethernet connectivity, OLT can be accessed by opening CLI mode with OLT's default IP. DBC Epon olt default IP address is and the subnet is so now we need to change our PC's IP to and the subnet is 2555.255.255.0. Finally, we can access our olt via telnet ( or web management

DBC EPON OLT Default IP Address:

DBC assigns a default static IP on the default VLAN to their EPON OLT. The default IP, username, and password of DBC EPON OLT are given below.

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: admin

VLAN Creation:

Username: admin

Password: admin




Switch_config# vlan 700 - 708

Switch_config# exit

Our VLANs (700 - 708) were successfully created and now we can use these VLANs for service. So we will be using VLAN 700 for olt MGT (remote management) and VLAN 701 to 708 for pon port.

Uplink Port Configure:

Now we are configuring our uplink as G3

Switch_config# interface gigabitethernet 0/3

Switch_config_g0/3# switchport mode trunk

Switch_config_g0/3# switchport trunk vlan 700 - 708

Switch_config_g0/3# exit

Our uplink port G3 is successfully trunk configured with VLANs. Now we can check the mac address in the VLAN interface.

Mac Address Checking:

You need to follow the command below to view the mac address.

Switch_config# show mac address-table interface gigabitethernet 0/3

IP address assigns For MGT:

We can access OLT from our LAN side. It needs to assign an IP address. through which the OLT will be accessed. So let's assign an IP to VLAN 400 for olt MGT (remote management) access using the below command.

Switch_config# interface VLAN 700

Switch_config_v700# ip address

Switch_config_v700# exit

Switch_config# ip route


EPON Port Configure:

Now we need to configure the PON port. We have created 8 VLANs for 8 PON ports.
so let's start,

PON- 1:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/1

Switch_config_epon0/1# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/1# switchport pvid 701

Switch_config_epon0/1# exit

PON- 2:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/2

Switch_config_epon0/2# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/2# switchport pvid 702

Switch_config_epon0/2# exit

PON- 3:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/3

Switch_config_epon0/3# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/3# switchport pvid 703

Switch_config_epon0/3# exit

PON- 4:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/4

Switch_config_epon0/4# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/4# switchport pvid 704

Switch_config_epon0/4# exit

PON- 5:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/5

Switch_config_epon0/5# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/5# switchport pvid 705

Switch_config_epon0/5# exit

PON- 6:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/6

Switch_config_epon0/6# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/6# switchport pvid 706

Switch_config_epon0/6# exit

PON- 7:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/7

Switch_config_epon0/7# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/7# switchport pvid 707

Switch_config_epon0/7# exit

PON- 8:

Switch_config# interface epon 0/8

Switch_config_epon0/8# switchport mode access

Switch_config_epon0/8# switchport pvid 708

Switch_config_epon0/8# exit

Configuration Save:

When the configuration is finished, the running configuration must be saved. If not saved, the configuration will be lost when the OLT reboots. So don't forget to save the configuration at the end. The command to save is given below.

saving Command:

Switch_config# write all

So friends, finally we successfully configured the new DBC epon OLT configuration step by step. Then if anyone has a problem understanding then comment in the comment box. I will try to support you. If you like the post, don't forget to share it with your friends. Thanks.

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