Tenda Wifi Router Qr Code off With mac Filtering | Tenda mac filtering

Tenda Router Details:

Today we will know an important thing. We usually see that the security of the Tenda router is very weak. But it can be seen that our wireless password was stolen due to the Tenda router's security weakness. Now all smartphones can be connected by Wi-Fi scan. Today I will show you a way. Through this, you can increase the security of your Tenda router.

Mac Filtering Feature:

You should use the Mac filtering feature to increase the security of your router. This feature will help increase the security of your Tenda router. If you want to turn off the WiFi connect QR code Scanning, then you need to using mac filtering feature.

Default Info:

1.Default IP address:
2. Default Username: None.
3. Default Password: None.


There are a few steps to follow to mac filtering on a Tenda router. When you turn on your mac filtering feature, you can turn off your wifi password. If you want to connect any device, like (Any Mobile or laptop.) Then, you have to put the mac of each device in the router.

Step 1:

First, open a browser then go browser search bar and type then go. If you set Administration log-in password Give it here and click Log in.

Step 2:

After logging in to the router, click on the Advanced tool.

See, this is the mac filtering tool. If you use this feature, the security of your Tenda router will be much higher.

Step 3:

After going to the Advanced tool, click on Whitelist. This tool will put the mac addresses that will be connected to the router.

Step 4:

I suggest it is best to do this configuration from your PC. Connect to the PC with a LAN cable from the router. Because if you connect in this way, your pc r mac address will be added locally to the router. After clicking on the whitelist.

Step 5:

Put the Mac address of all the devices(Phones, Pc, others) that will connect to the router in this format.

Step 6:

In this way, after setting all the mac addresses, You just need to click on save. After saving, the rest of your devices will be disconnected from the router. Only those mac addresses that have been added will be connected to the router. Now you can turn off your wifi password if you want. However, I would recommend keeping the password. It further enhances your security.


For those who do not have the Mac filtering feature in the Tenda router. If you upgrade the router's firmware, the Mac filtering feature will come. Thanks.

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